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Lox Club

Happy Jack Entertainment (HJE) and Lox Club joined forces to promote mental well-being through their event, "Mixing Matters," held on September 14th, 2023. Lox Club, a social club, shares the commitment to creating a positive, inclusive environment. This collaboration brought together a diverse group for an evening of breathwork, mindfulness, dancing, networking, and community building to foster authentic conversations and promote positive mental health.

"Mixing Matters" featured Lola Martinez, an Authentic Relating trained expert and representative from “Othership,” who led a breathwork session promoting mindfulness and relaxation. This workshop equipped participants with tools for navigating and reducing anxiety associated with social situations.In addition, HJE partnered with Luc Belaire, America’s #1 sparkling wine brand, the event featured a unique “manifestation bottle.” Guests inscribed their aspirations, decorating the bottle and tuning into themselves, taking the focus away from drinking.

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